My first half marathon…an epic fail

{Stacy} It was a couple days before my first half marathon on a Wednesday, so I set out to see how far I could actually run at one time because I had not trained at all for this race.  It was after work and about 85 degrees with high humidity.  I barely got to 5 miles before quitting and then text my friend Rachel telling her I would never be able to run the race, which was on Saturday.

Saturday morning came and I shuffled off to the race with zero motivation, got about halfway there (already running very late) and realized I had forgotten my bib.  I turned around to go home and get it and then got dropped off right at the start line just minutes before the race was about to start.  

Off I go…staying around the 11 minute pacer and after about ¾ of a mile decided to speed up.  Mile 4 felt GREAT, mile 6 almost cried because this was the furthest distance I ever ran to date at one given time and still felt amazing.  Mile 10…wanted to cry, give up and wondering why the heck I didn’t train for it?!!  I made it to the finish, not feeling very accomplished due to my lack of training.  I finished the race at 2:07:29.  

I felt completely unaccomplished at the completion of the race mainly because my legs were absolutely trashed and I knew I had the potential in me to do so much better than I did.  Little did I know that this race is where it all began…Looking back, this race gave me the motivation to want to be better and gave me the inspiration that I could in fact be a long distance runner, so big shout out to my best friend Rachel…I would have never thought that I could be a long distance runner if she didn’t encourage me to do this race so THANK YOU!

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.25.30 PM

Side note: Our team name was “We Run for Brunch” and it was this group of girls that motivated me to run my first half marathon, which little did I know would lead to my passion and obsession with running!

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