My second half marathon…I “thought” I trained well

{Stacy}  My second half marathon I took off to TX to visit sister and run in the Fort Worth Run Like a Cheetah half marathon. I trained slightly more than my first experience but didn’t follow any kind of plan and really just winged it.  This half marathon really wasn’t too memorable because once I again I didn’t really feel accomplished at the end of it knowing I could have done better had I trained properly.

Starting to catch onto the theme here?  I really didn’t know how to train properly and had a lot of rough learning experiences. During this race I decided to start using Clif shot blocks, which was a HUGE mistake because it left me with major GI issues after the race.  Now I thoroughly understand the Golden Rule of NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY!  After the race I just felt like pure garbage.  I was beyond sore (once again from not training properly) and had a major stomach ache so I couldn’t enjoy post-race activities, which consisted of tacos and margs with sister!

I finished the race in 1:48:24. I finished 4th in my age group and was pretty disappointed because I wanted to place.   I didn’t deserve to place though and deep down I knew that I didn’t deserve it. However, this race started to give me some real motivation to become a better, more disciplined runner and run to my fullest potential that I knew I had within me.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 9.28.48 PM

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