Coaching services available for various types of runners ranging from beginners to advanced.

  • Coaching provided by RRCA-certified run coach

    • Expertise in 5k, half marathon and full marathon training
    • Experience working with athletes of all different lifestyles:
      • Busy parents
      • Teens
      • Full-time working adults
  • Customized training plans tailored to YOUR lifestyle
    •   Whether it be preparing for a particular race, fine-tuning specific running skills or just for general health purposes we can help!  Some of the services we offer:
      • Race plans for essentially any type of race: 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon, ultra – novice, intermediate, advanced
      • Coaching and education for athletes that are new to running
      • Off-cycle training maintenance programs
      • Speed and endurance plans to help excel in other sports outside of running
  • Motivation and accountability
    • Check-ins are part of our programs to help you stay on track
    • Motivation to get back on track because we all know life can get in the way of training…it happens!


I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and still reside here (I know, not the greatest climate for running).  I grew up playing ice hockey and in high school I played field hockey.  I was always athletic, but never a runner.  I was introduced to running at the age of 23.

RSR_Mar2017_003.jpgThe company I worked for at the time would pay our race fees for select 5k races.  Some co-workers asked me if I wanted to participate in a 5k that was paid for by the company and I said “sure why not, it’s free and something to do!”  I started running 5ks for fun and over time I started to get a little more competitive as I realized I had a natural running ability and could start placing in some of these 5ks if I actually put a little more effort into running. I ran a countless number of 5ks over the years and then at the age of 27 my friend asked me if I wanted to do a half marathon…See the “motivation” page about my half marathon experience /progression to see how that played out!

A little more personal information about myself: I work full time as an accountant at a regional bank.  All throughout college, I thought I would be a CPA but that never played out quite the way I thought it would, however, I am very happy with the career path that I have chosen.  I have a dog named Gordon and he’s named after the lead singer of my favorite band “The Tragically Hip.”  I’m definitely a Type A personality and always on the go and thinking 10 steps ahead, but constantly trying to work at being more in the present.   Running helps keep me grounded and I find it to be a great stress reliever.  Running has become my passion and I wanted to be more knowledgeable about it for my own personal well-being so I became RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) certified.  I now want to share knowledge and passion for running with you because it is so life-changing in the best way possible!


 Run.Sister.Run + Eat.Sister.Eat

  • Training + Nutrition
  • 12-16 week program
  • learn more here

Remote packages:

1) Basic 

  • Intro call/skype to discuss goals
  • Custom training or maintenance plan
  • Call/skype to review plan and guidelines
  • Check-in twice per month

2) Premium 

  • Intro call/skype to discuss goals
  • Custom training or maintenance plan
  • Call/skype to review plan and guidelines
  • Check-in twice per week
  • Tweaks to plan as needed

Standalone custom training plan

  • Intro call/skype to discuss goals
  • Custom training plan
  • Call/skype to review plan and guidelines

Contact us for pricing info.We cannot wait to meet you and help you achieve your goals! Email: